New Survey Finds That No One Calls Toronto By Drake’s Nickname ‘The 6’

Well, this is sort of embarrassing.

Drake most recent album, Views, went by the working title of Views From The 6, which refers to the rapper’s nickname for his hometown of Toronto. However, a new survey has revealed that very few people actually call the city by that name.

According to The Toronto Star, researchers asked 864 people how they refer to the city. 75 percent of them said that they simply refer to it as “Toronto.” Only 7% of people surveyed referred to Toronto as “The 6,” with people between the ages of 18 and 34 seen as more likely to do so.

The survey additionally found that people were more likely to use the nickname “T.O.” over “The 6.”

It is interesting to note that Drake did not invent the nickname himself, but rather was the one who popularized it worldwide. “The 6” is credited to Toronto rapper Jimmy Price. The name “The 6” is featured in Drake songs such as “6 God” and “9.”

I mean, you have to admit, Drake did try to make it a thing. That’s something you can definitely commend him for.

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