When Are The VMAs 2016?

The end of August is approaching us and we all know what the means… the VMAs! The annual pop-culture show always leaves us with a lot to talk about and love referencing back to the show through the year. Some would say, our favorite celebrities made a name for themselves in the VMAs.

It’s true, Britney Spears did work hard for her singing career but she became legendary when she came on stage in the 2001 VMAs with an albino Burmese python. Who needs a feather boa when you can rock a live snake, am I right? But in more recent VMAs appearances, Nicki Minaj left us all asking, “What’s good?”  We were all left speechless, to say the least. Minaj didn’t care that Miley Cyrus was the host of the 2015 VMAs, she was still fair game. And let’s not forget the ongoing feud with Taylor Swift, Kanye West and now in the mix, Kim Kardashian. Will the feud continue to escalate in this year’s VMAs?

To see what will happen next, mark your calendars and don’t miss out. The 2016 MTV VMAs will air live and there will be great performances and you’ll want to see your favorite artists win the awards they deserve.

When are the VMAs 2016?

Date: Sunday, August 28 Time: Live show begins at 9:00 P.M. (EST) TV Channel: MTV Location: New York, New York