KFC Released A Fried Chicken-Scented Sunscreen & It Already Sold Out

I am truly speechless about this new product from KFC.

The fast-food chain recently released a new product called the Extra Crispy Sunscreen. It is a working sun-protection lotion that is geared to smell just like KFC’s Extra Crispy Chicken – because why not?

Around 3,000 tubes of the fried chicken-scented lotion were grabbed in two hours on Monday in a promotion for KFC’s extra-crispy recipe, according to the fast food chain’s officials. The sunscreen was free – and given that people love free things and things that smell like fried chicken – it was obviously a major hit.

“We think it smells amazing,” says KFC spokeswoman Kasey Mathes. “The sunscreen smelled like a natural fit.”

The new product was paired with the fast food chain’s latest television advertisement campaign which features actor George Hamilton, who is best known for his deep, perpetual suntan, as the Extra-Crispy Colonel.


According to¬†Cosmopolitan, the sunscreen is not greasy,¬†blends into the skin easily and feels light and cooling – all things that are not associated with fried chicken whatsoever. The website also reports that the sunscreen initially smelled “vaguely like a bottle of seasoning,” but upon putting it on the skin, it began to smell more like food.

So in short, if that is your type of thing, then you best prepare yourself for the next time that KFC does a giveaway of this product.

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