The New Sequel for ‘The Ring’ Reveals Something Even Scarier Than The Original & We Think We Know What It Is

We all know The Ring as the horror movie that scared the sh*t out of us when we were in middle school. Now it joins the increasingly long list of movies that have made a comeback in the last few years. Paramount Pictures just released their full trailer for Rings, the third film in The Ring franchise (though we all try to forget the terrible plot of The Ring 2). And it hints at a fate worse than dying after seven days.

In the trailer, it all comes back. The black and white grainy video, the voice whispering on the phone, the flashbacks of what happened to Samara, and of course, Samara herself. Rings is about a woman, Julia, sacrificing herself to save her boyfriend after he innocently watches the video. According to the movie’s synopsis, Julia makes a “horrifying discovery” of a “movie within the movie.” Well, that just sounds like she’s pretty screwed. Watch the trailer below if you’re not too easily scared:

Freaky, right? October 28 can’t come fast enough. But there was something that grabbed our attention when watching this 2-minute nightmare unfold. We think Julia is going to encounter something way worse than the usual horrifying death via Samara.

A little background info: The Ring (2002) is actually an American remake of the original Japanese movie Ringu (1998), which is based on the book series Ringu by Koji Suzuki. That’s right – all of this came from a book. Suzuki has been called “the Stephen King of Japan” and has written other scary books besides this series. The series is seriously good, obviously since it made it to Hollywood, though it mixes more sci-fi and horror rather than being just in the horror genre.

The Ringu books were my favorites when I was an angsty pre-teen, so I have embarrassingly extensive knowledge on this particular horror franchise. While the movies followed the first book, Ringu, pretty closely, it’s the other three books in the series that branch into more of a sci-fi universe while the movies stick with the supernatural. Still, this new trailer for Rings seems to be hinting at a major event that happens in the book series and the Japanese movies.

Stop reading now if you don’t want potential spoilers going into the movie.

Rings is the new sequel to "The Ring"

Paramount Pictures

Bear with me for a second. In the book series, Samara (called Sadako) uses a smallpox virus she contracted before she was murdered in the well, along with her supernatural powers, to kill people who watch the video. Now the movies don’t use this aspect, preferring to use just her power and her rage-filled need for revenge.

But Suzuki uses the smallpox virus as an explanation for why Sadako does what she does. It’s reproduction. It’s the need to survive by passing on her DNA. It’s continuing to live even after her death. The concept is somewhat there in the American remake; the people must make copies of the videotapes and get other people to watch them in order to survive, meaning it gets passed on. But in the books, the stakes are higher and the characters must continually find new ways to pass on Sadako.

This idea leads to a total twist in the books: one of the characters becomes impregnated with Sadako by a man who had seen the video. She literally gives birth to Sadako. Subsequently bringing her (kind of) back to life. I think the same will happen with Julia in Rings.

Of course, I’m speculating, but the trailer really seems to hint at it. First off, Julia is a young woman who has a boyfriend that has seen the video, just like the pregnant character in the books. Secondly, the trailer already shows that the video is spreading in different ways: email, airplane TVs, etc. So this idea of reproduction is being expanded upon, even in the ways that the video is being watched.

There’s also the fact that Samara seems weirdly obsessed with Julia. Like knows Julia’s name. She also marks her with the word “Rebirth” on her hand, which seems really telling. The movie poster even says “Evil is Reborn.” Soooo…

At any rate, it’s the third movie in this franchise. It would be boring to have the same story as the first movie. Paramount Pictures needs a fresher plot line, and this reproduction twist would give them just that. Rings has the potential to take the sci-fi parts of its original counterparts and make them your worst nightmare.

Even if I’m totally wrong about this, I know I’ll be at the theaters on October 28th. Will you be there?

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