Fans are Losing it Over Kylie Jenner’s Latest Snapchat, are Convinced She Got a Boob Job

Plastic surgery and the Kardashians go together like anything that latches onto another thing; The reality star family loves their reconstructive surgery. Which is why we’re not surprised that rumors are circulating about Kylie Jenner getting a boob job — she obviously wouldn’t be the first person in her family to get one.

Fans started talking after Jenner posted two sexy videos to her Snapchat account, both of which show her sporting a gold-face filter and giant boobs.

Obviously they look a bit enhanced, but the Snapchat filter could be making them look abnormally large. But viewers still had their doubts and announced them on Twitter shortly after watching.

To be frank, everything mostly sounded like what Camilla Mlikwana stated, “Is it just me or did Kylie Jenner get a boob job? Her boobs look huge AF!”

“Has Kylie Jenner had another boob job? Her boobs look massive,” one commenter added, with another saying “When did Kylie get her tits done because what a phenomenal job wow.”

One commenter also mentioned how she hadn’t been snapping as much recently and credits her alleged plastic surgery for the reason. “87% sure Kylie Jenner got a boob job and that’s why she wasn’t snapping cause that bitches t*ts are MASSIVE in her snap today.”

Yup, everyone’s obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s chest. Jenner has not given in to the rumor mill, but she did post another video that inevitably sparked even more suspicion (and rightfully so).

So did she or didn’t she? And does it even matter? Is the internet bored today or are Kylie Jenner’s boobs really that important? Sound off in the comments below.

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