You’ll Definitely Want to Watch ‘Strut’, the Reality Show About Transgender Models

After 22 seasons and 12 years, America’s Next Top Model is no longer the only TV show about models on the market. Whoopi Goldberg is the executive producer for Strut, a new show about the only transgender modeling agency in the world, Slay Model Management. Strut will focus on six transgender models who are repped by Slay and their journey to kick-start their professional careers.

Unlike ANTM, this show will feel a little more poignant and a little less competitive, as it aims to increase visibility to today’s transgender community. Goldberg hopes to connect the models in the show to the viewers by showing how similar their struggles and values are. “Our models come from all walks of life; all different backgrounds and ethnicities,” Goldberg explained in a press release. “They are struggling with things we can all relate to — trying to make ends meet, fighting to make a name for themselves and navigating the minefields of personal relationships.” Essentially, Strut aims to separate the terrible stereotypes from the reality of the transgender community, providing accurate and fair representation for them in an industry where beauty is often idealized.

You may even recognize some of the cast, which includes former ANTM contestant Isis King and Instagram star Laith De La Cruz. As the show’s trailer points out, “They want a girl that’s 6’2″, 35-25-25 — they didn’t ask if you have a penis or not.” Although Strut proves that times are changing for the better and more open-minded, we think it will also show just much further society has to go.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a reality show without the usual tense, egotistic, drink-throwing drama, as the trailer also shows. We’re definitely looking forward to some ANTM-esque rivalry. But beyond that, the subject matter is sure to expand on topics involved in transgender life that need to be on television. We’ll be sure to tune in to see if Strut is as fierce as it sounds.

Strut Viewing Details:

Date: September 20, 2016
Time: 9/8c
TV Channel: Oxygen
Producer: Whoopi Goldberg
Models: Laith De La Cruz, Dominique Jackson, Isis King, Ren Spriggs, Arisce Wanzer

How to Watch Online:

You can watch the premiere of Strut on Oxygen if you have access to the channel through your cable provider. You can also watch full episodes the day after they air on by logging in with your TV provider. If you don’t have cable, you can access a limited number of full episodes, along with show clips and interviews, on Currently, these services are only available for U.S. residents only.

How to Watch on Mobile:

You can also watch full episodes the day after they air with the Oxygen Now app. Again, you’ll need to log in with your cable provider.

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