Tom Cruise’s Son is Living the Rich Life, Thanks to Scientology’s HQ

Everyone scratched their heads and nervously giggled when Tom Cruise continually declared his religion was Scientology back in the early ’00s…mostly because no one really knew what it was. But that spiritual devotion, combined with his prominent acting career, is providing the ultimate jet-setting lifestyle for his son, Connor Cruise. According to the Daily Mail, the younger Cruise is essentially treated like a god at Scientology’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

Cruise is definitely not holding back when it comes to material items. His father bought him a $500,000 fishing boat earlier this year in order to pursue his deep-sea passion. His boat is apparently the envy of all his friends, and has quad-engines and a top speed of around 70 MPH. He and his friends fish for sport off the bay in Clearwater, where they catch enormous fish. Not to mention Cruise’s 21st birthday present: a luxury $50,000 Mustang GT sports car, with lots of loud revving and flashy yellow paintwork. “You can hear Connor coming a mile away, the roads in Clearwater are pretty quiet and nobody is especially flash,” a local commented. “It’s just not the done thing in Scientology.” Surprisingly enough, Cruise isn’t nearly as flashy as his car and doesn’t blatantly show it off on social media like I definitely would.

Cruise was adopted by his father and his then-wife Nicole Kidman when he was just a baby along with a sister, Isabella, now 24, who is married and lives in England. He lives in a three-bedroom town house in an exclusive Scientology community. Cruise has expressed an intense devotion to Scientology like his dad, which is exactly what the church was hoping for.

According to an insider source, Cruise is treated like royalty in Clearwater as the leaders of Scientology HQ hope to convince him to become an important face of the religion, like his famous father. “The name Cruise is synonymous in Scientology,” the source revealed. “High level church officials think it’s imperative Connor carries the torch, now more than ever since his sister Bella married and changed her name.”

Whenever Cruise arrives at the main center of Scientology in his sports car, he’s immediately afforded special VIP treatment, including parking directly outside the grand entrance. The parking bay is only normally used by official Scientology mini-buses. “It’s unprecedented for any member to be allowed to park right outside the main entrance, which is strictly reserved for the churches buses, shuttling staff to and from their living quarters,” the insider explained. “Even high level members have to wait outside before being allowed access but Connor must be receiving special treatment because of his father’s influence.”

The source continued, saying that “the security treat him like a god, they look starstruck whenever he arrives and practically queue up to high-five him and say hello.” Being the child of an A-list Hollywood star definitely seems to have its perks.

Cruise has also been seen entering The Fort Harrison Hotel, described as ‘the jewel of Clearwater’, where elite Scientologists stay during visits. Rooms at this five-star venue will cost anywhere from $200 per night to $2,000 for a suite, which is not a problem for the wealthy Cruise family. After being renovated in 2009, the hotel hosts a Roaring ’20s era theme, complete with marble floors, gold leaf-painted crown moldings, richly colored carpets and a glamorous crystal chandelier that lights up the 11th floor ballroom. So, you know, for casual visits.

Connor rotates between three restaurants, all closed to the general public, serving Michelin-star quality meals to the exclusive guests. “The chefs will cook up anything he asks for, but he’s actually a man of simple pleasures and orders from the menu at the Hourglass restaurant,” the source said. “He’s into the healthy options and usually orders something gluten free.” Cruise has battled weight problems in the past, and now lives a healthy (and very expensive) life with his gluten-free meals at the Scientology restaurant.

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His career as a DJ also gives him the excuse to travel often and anywhere (not like he really needed it). Cruise says he started DJing around age 13, and it’s become another passion in his life. Between that and his father’s $480 million fortune, it seems like Cruise is just cruisin’ through life.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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