5 Crosley Retro-Inspired Record Players You Need to Have in Your Dorm Room

Vinyl Records


Vinyl records have made a comeback and we could not be happier. There’s just something different (and better) about the music sound and quality when it comes from an old school-style record player. Not only can you listen to some of your oldie favorites and hit classics like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, but you can also snag new vinyl releases from Kanye West, Adele and many more. It can be tough to find vintage record players that actual work, but luckily for us the vinyl revival has resulted in a slew of adorable retro-inspired record players that work just like new. Crosley is one of the original producers of record players in America and in our opinion, they have some of the cutest record players on the market today. So check out this list of our 7 favorite Crosley record players for every price range and style. One of these would like super cute in your dorm, plus it’ll impress all of your new music-obsessed floormates and friends.

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