Florida State ‘Cannibal’ Frat Boy Finally Wakes Up From Coma

The details of this story are so chilling.

On August 15, 19-year-old Austin Harrouff allegedly stabbed a Florida couple to death in the garage of their upscale Jupiter home using a knife and a broken vodka bottle. The attacker, who did not know the couple (Michelle Mishcon Stevens, 53, and John Stevens III, 59), was found by police hunching over the body of Stevens and chewing on his face. 

Police attempted to remove the Florida State University student, who is thought to have been high on the hallucinogen drug “flakka” at the time, from Stevens’ body and in doing so seriously injured him. Harrouff had been in a coma following the deadly attack but now, after 11 days, has finally woken up.

A Martin County Sherriff’s Department spokesperson confirmed the news to The Daily Mail saying, “He is awake and responsive.” Unfortunately, the department is so far unable to provide further details. However, deputies will soon be conducting a thorough interview with Harrouff to gain a better understanding of what happened during the gruesome attack.

In the meantime, the Stevens family has called for the death penalty for Harrouff:

“It is not super important to me what his mindset was. I just want to see the prosecutor ask for the death penalty. I want him to go through that process and to pay for what he did.”

Stay posted for more further developments in this tragic, ongoing case.

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