It’s Thursday, So We’re Celebrating Miss COED 2017 Contestants From Mizzou, GSU & More!

We’ve searched the nation for the smartest, coolest, all-around most awesome college girls to represent their schools in our Miss COED 2017 competition. Now, we’re finally unveiling the school reps and why they love their universities. Today, you’ll meet five girls from across the nation, each from different backgrounds, with different majors and aspirations. Today’s girls hail from Tufts University, Mizzou and more. Get to know them below and check back every day to meet five new university representatives until voting starts October 12.

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Emilee Gardehl, University of Missouri
Emilee Gardehl Photos
“I love my college because Mizzou students have a bond better than any other college campus, hands down. It’s one of the only schools I know where you all live in the town over the summer instead of going back home, and Greek Town is so unique that all of the fraternities and sororities get to be neighbors and have their own part of campus. Plus, our homecoming is insane, we have one of the biggest celebrations in the country with a skit set up for the town to come see all the frat and srat pairings’ shows. It’s a great place to be Greek, and if you aren’t, there are state-of-the-art rec facilities and fun events planned by departments for everyone to enjoy.”

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Katie Singleton, Georgia Southern University
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“I major in Business Management and minor in Hospitality. I’m very social and love to interact with all kinds of people. With this field, it gives me the opportunity to do so, as well as travel. I plan on being an event coordinator for a large-scale corporation.”

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Lara Dienemann, Tufts University
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“At school you can find me spending 35+ hours a week practicing and racing for the Varsity Sailing team. During downtime at the boat house, I do research on a remote controlled boat, which the Robotic Sailing Team is making autonomous. Beyond that, I am the Academic Chair for Tufts’ coed fraternity, ATO of Massachusetts (this is a social frat, not a business frat, so yes, we host parties just like the rest of Greek life). Next semester, I am joining our burlesque dance troupe. I’m so excited to celebrate body positivity in a fun and sexy way!”

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Nikoletta Pappas, Florida Gulf Coast University
Nikoletta Pappas Photos“My hometown is awesome because it is close to campus so I can still see my family who are a big part of my life, and the beautiful scenery. I live where others vacation!”

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Olivia Pollock, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Olivia Pollock Photos

“If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, I would say, ‘Don’t fall for petty boys and be you! No one will matter in two years other than yourself and the people you choose to surround yourself around.’”

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