Serena Williams Dances & Breaks Records Again, All is Right With the World

Well, it’s true. Serena Williams can do anything. In today’s Serena Williams Appreciation Post, the tennis star is showing off her dancing skills and serving some straight fire off-court. Williams is the new face of Delta Airlines and in their latest commercial, she’s breaking it down in a myriad of different styles. Seriously, from modern and interpretive to hip-hop and twerking, Williams is proving she can do anything. If tennis ever fails her (it won’t), she definitely could pursue a career in dance.

If you can’t get enough of admiring the magic that is Serena Williams’ dance moves, fear not. This isn’t the first time that the Women’s Tennis Association’s #1 player has dropped it low. The close personal friend of Beyoncé (a title that most of us would kill for) starred in Bey’s “Sorry” music video and if there is one thing you should watch right now and also every hour on the hour, it’s Beyoncé’s “Sorry” music video. Serena Williams does not disappoint.

Pick your jaw up off the floor. Serena Williams is willing to teach you how to twerk, courtesy of SELF magazine. That said, it might not be quite as easy to pick up her moves. Hours and hours of practice and expert coordination are key. Seriously, this is a workout. And if there’s anyone whose workouts are inspiring, it’s Serena Williams.

Williams also recently sat down with Vogue for their iconic 73 Questions segment and gave a little bit of insight into her dance prowess. One go-to victory move? The Milly Rock. Also, in case you forgot that Serena is more than an incredible tennis player and an amazing dancer, she’s also a major fashion aficionado, having released multiple clothing collaborations with HSN and Nike. She’s also a certified nail technician and the first Black female athlete to be pictured on the cover of Vogue.

Williams will definitely be doing plenty of the Milly Rock today. Most recently, she broke records as she tied tennis legend Steffi Graff  for the most Grand Slam titles in the Open era and reached her 306th career win. Spectators at the US Open milestone included Williams’ sister Venus and her aforementioned BFF Beyoncé, alongside her husband Jay Z. Williams referred to her game as not ‘flawless,’ but if there was ever someone close to flawless, it’s definitely Serena Williams. After all, Nike’s latest ad refers to her as the greatest female athlete ever. They’re not wrong. Cheers to her slay, on and off of the court.

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