New iPhone 7 Features Leaked Ahead of Release

iPhone 7 Release


The new iPhone 7 release is just days away and the new features have reportedly been leaked by the oft-reliable KGI Securites. The iPhone 7, which will be revealed in a special event this week has been the source of a huge amount of buzz and rumors, especially with respect to the no headphone jack. Regardless of whether or not we’ll have to change our lifestyle to accommodate the lack of a headphone jack, we know we’ll eventually give in to splurging on the new iPhone 7. That’s just the way it is. So if like us, you plan on getting your hands on the new iPhone 7 before all of your friends, you’re going to want to check out its most exciting new features.

  • The new iPhone 7 will come in two new colors – “Dark Black” and “Piano Black” – and will no longer be sold in the classic Space Grey.
  • Inside the phone will be a major chip upgrade that includes the A10 chip that will power the phone. This will be a dramatic boost in speed compared to most other models.
  • The biggest change is probably the camera on the back of the phone, which will utilize dual-lens technology, optical zoom and a flash that allows peoples faces to show up more realistically in pictures.
  • The headphone jack is definitely gone, but with it comes a pair wireless earphones that plug into the Lightning charging port in the box. The removal of the headphone jack will also allow for upgrades to the screen and built-in speakers. Supposedly, the removal of the headphone jack will also allow the new iPhone 7 to receive the same waterproof rating as the Apple Watch, which can theoretically withstand 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

We can’t wait to see the new iPhone 7 for ourselves!



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