Former Miss COED 2016 Contestant, Miranda Leigh, Teams Up With College Candy

Miranda Leigh – full name Miranda Leigh Rodriguez – is living the dream. The recent Ohio State University graduate is just 23 years old but has more ambition in one of her perfectly toned arms than most people have in their whole bodies.

After earning a degree in Human Nutrition and receiving her Personal Training Certificate through ISSA, she’s now totally dedicated to her company – and it shows. She has more than 121,000 followers on Instagram, reaches 75,000 views daily on Snapchat, and has a hot boyfriend… not that the latter is relevant, but the girl is basically killin’ it in all aspects of life.

We got to know Miranda last year when she was a contestant in Miss COED 2016, a competition run by our sister site, COED, to find the smartest, most awesome college girl in the country. Although she didn’t make it beyond the first round, Miranda is earning success in her own right through her company, Bodi By Miranda.

According to her website, Miranda struggled with weight and self-confidence throughout high school, yet during her freshman year of college, she decided to make a drastic change. She adopted healthy eating habits and a love for the gym and is now sharing her knowledge and experiences through Bodi By Miranda. She hopes to motivate and inspire people to love their bodies and live their lives free of insecurities through her customized programs and personal training.

Luckily for you, she’s also teamed up with our editors to bring you fun and exciting workouts and fitness news that you can take with you to the gym every week. From inspiring stories and the cutest workout clothes to healthy foods and habits, Miranda is quickly on her way to becoming a household name, one client at a time.


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