10 Pet Names That Won’t Make Your Boyfriend Cringe

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I’ve never been a fan of obnoxious pet names between couples. There’s just something awkward about a girl calling her man “baby cakes” in front of you — like, am I invisible or something? — or even “honey” — it sounds like something a grandma would say.

Luckily, my boyfriend feels the same way, so we won’t be making friends vomit when we speak to each other.

But I won’t lie — there’s nothing like the special name only you call your partner.

So is there a happy medium of a cute pet name and something that won’t totally emasculate your guy? Definitely. The best pet names are the ones that have a special and unique meaning to you, but try these on for size.

1. Bear

What guy wouldn’t want to be compared to a big, tough animal?

2. Handsome

It just sounds so much better than “hottie” or “cutie,” doesn’t it?

3. Stud

Think Sandy from Grease: “Tell me about it, stud.” If this doesn’t make him blush, nothing will.

4. Trouble

Hopefully he’s not that much trouble, but this is perfect for a bad boy who is up for anything.

5. Tiger


6. Babe

It’s a classic, but not as lame as “baby” or “honey.”

7. Cupcake

For the sweet guy in your life.

8. Love

Maybe hold off on this one until the “I love yous” come out. After that, this is a cute reminder of how you feel.

9. Superman

As long as he’s not a Bruce Wayne fan, he’ll love this not-so-subtle reminder that he’s your hero.

10. A Spin On His Name

As a Stephanie, it makes me giggle when people call me “Steffie,” “Stephers,” or any other odd variation of my name. He’ll love it too — it’s not over-the-top, but it’s unique.

What name do you call your boyfriend — and how does he feel about it? What does your partner call you? Does anyone actually like being called “Daddy”?! Let me know in the comments!


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