Luke Pell Could Still Return as ‘The Bachelor,’ Producers Still Concerned He’s Got Other Motives

For all of you #LukeforBachelor fans, there is still hope! Chris Harrison has been doing a lot of talking since the controversial Bachelor decision was announced, for which everyone though Pell was a shoe-in, and he’s got some very interesting things to say about it.

We’ve taken a close look at Harrison’s statements and we think he might be indicating the possibility that the 31-year old military veteran might return to show. In an interview with E! News, Harrison confirmed that Pell very well could make a return as The Bachelor in a future season, despite producers’ initial concerns:

“Luke would be a great Bachelor. You never know who could come back. He’s a great guy, a super nice guy, and we may see him next summer in Paradise [or] we may see him as the next Bachelor. Who knows?”

Well, that is definitely exciting news. But the intrigue doesn’t stop there, Harrison continued:

“Luke was great, and I think people need to understand this isn’t an indictment on Luke. We always have multiple candidates. We always keep our doors open because at the end of the day, the most important thing for us is that someone is sincere and that they are honest about coming on The Bachelor to find love…I would still say Luke would be a great bachelor, but Nick, as of right now, is our guy.”

Did you catch that? Harrison said, “as of right now,” which could indicate that their might be a Bachelor switch-up should things with Nick Viall not work out. Apparently, the only thing holding back the apparent front-runner was his interest in pursuing a country singing music career.

As for us, we’re happy to let Luke croon and swoon us all he wants. ABC, there’s still time to change your mind.

Nick Viall Photos: The Bachelor Pictures & Reactions