Supermodel Kate Upton Slams Haters and Mean Classmates in New Interview

Kate Upton is firing back!

In an interview for the October issue of Glamour magazine, the 24-year old supermodel is calling out all of the people who have criticized her weight over the years. In fact, People reveals that despite being insanely successful the gorgeously curvy model had been told to lose weight by modeling agents throughout her career:

At first I tried to diet to become their image, but eventually I realized that it wasn’t realistic! This is just the shape of my body. So I had to block them out. I think that the people who are the loudest about wanting to change you are the people with the least amount of vision and creativity.”

Even growing up, the blonde beauty had to deal with nasty classmates bullying her about her appearance according to the Daily Mail:

“Kids can be cruel, and they used to make fun of me for having long legs and bushy eyebrows. My mom would flip through magazines and say, ‘Look, all these models have that too.’ I decided I wanted to be a model.”

Still, the October Glamour cover star began to build her confidence after landing her first modeling job in Miami, Florida:

Where I grew up, it was considered a great thing to have a curvy body to fill out a bathing suit. For that to be a negative was so confusing to me. And besides, when I started working, I was booked constantly, mostly for catalog work. So when people were saying, ‘Oh, she doesn’t have the right look for a model,’ I thought, ‘Then why am I working every single day?”

Today, Upton loves her curves and works with a personal trainer to stay fit and healthy. We love her for promoting a positive body image and owning her look.

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