Chris Brown Threw a Huge Fit at a Charity Basketball Game Because He’s the Worst

It seems like Chris Brown can’t keep out of drama lately. He’s already in some seriously hot water when he allegedly pointed a gun at former pageant queen Baylee Curran, not to mention his sh*tty history of assault and intimidation. But he just can’t keep his temper together. Brown went off at a charity basketball game yesterday because security was trying to kick his friends out, TMZ reports.

Everything was running smoothly at the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game in L.A., where Brown was playing on a team. That is, until security tried to remove Brown’s crew, because they weren’t wearing the appropriate wristbands, for reasons currently unknown. An argument started to escalate between the venue security and Brow’s security.

The hosts of the event at Power 106 say Brown’s security told the star they couldn’t get through to the other party. That, of course, meant that Brown had to stop the whole game and get personally involved. He got super pissed when the venue security supposedly blew him off and disrespected him and his friends. So Brown did what he felt he had to: he stood on chairs, yelled, swore at security, made threatening gestures, the whole shabang.

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That’s one way to handle things, I guess.

Despite Brown’s intimidations, venue security continued trying to remove his crew from the premises, until the Power 106 staff finally stepped in and calmed things down. Brown’s entourage was able to stay and watch the rest of the game. His team even ended up winning the game. I bet all that anger helped on the court. Happy endings for all, except the probably underpaid security crew.

[H/T: TMZ]

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