This Woman Found Out Her Husband was Cheating, So She Posted His Sexts on Facebook & Tagged His Family

Listen, if you cheat on your SO, it’s bound to bite you in the ass eventually. Whether it’s in the form of a destroyed car, a public letter or a love letter that’s actually a hate letter, there will always be something. Before you hit up that side piece, remember that you will never, ever just get away with it unscathed. If only someone told this guy.

After finding her husband’s sexts with his mistress, this woman made sure to get sweet revenge in the most embarrassing way possible: by posting a lengthy Facebook post about it — with horrifying photos attached — and tagging all of his family members.


An unnamed woman from Florida posted X-rated photos of her husband’s mistress — a waitress from a nearby Applebee’s — with a scathing message for him and the rest of his family.

“Ain’t this some sh*t,” the post started. “Been keeping this in for months while sh*t was getting figured out but now its time you all get to see the type of shi I married. I shoul dhave listened to my fam when they told me to get the f*ck out when I could. Turns out [redacted] was out her f*cking the waitress from apple bees.” [sic]

She continued, “I found pics of the sl*t in his phone when I was trying to find out babysitters number. He is probably f*cking her two. He showed his true f*cking colors and you were all right.” [sic]

Cheating Husband Facebook
While we can’t show the photos here (there was way too much T&A to stomach this early in the morning), you can see the full post here. Good luck! Now back to the story — if you’re going to have an affair, you probably shouldn’t leave n00dz on your phone for your SO to see. What kind of fool does that? Apparently one who wants to get caught; The husband is now dating the waitress, who is apparently 19 years his junior.


[H/T: Elite Daily]

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