Everything You Need to Know About T-Swift’s New Album: Music Leaks on the Internet and More!

Taylor Swift New Album


Last week at New York Fashion Week Gigi Hadid officially confirmed that Taylor Swift is working on a new album and since then we have been getting our hands on every detail about the pop singer’s latest music.

Swift, who just publicly split with British actor Tom Hiddleston, hasn’t announced an official release date for the album just yet. However, we can bet there are going to be some great breakup songs in the very near future.

T-Swift’s fans are so desperate for a sneak peek that they may have actually found one! Recording artist Kelsie Ballerini posted a Snapchat of a studio recording and fans are convinced that the music is from Swift’s new album. In the background, a voice (and it does sound a heck of a lot like Taylor) sings, “We didn’t know it, thought we could grow it. Beautiful for a moment, we were roses.” 

Hmm, that does sound like a Taylor Swift lyric if you ask us. It’s still unclear whether or not Swift will address her recent breakup with Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston or both. Unfortunately, Ballerini immediately took to social media to dispel the rumors and liked a fan account that tweeted, “In clarification to prior tweets, Kelsea is in the studio recording her second album. These recording sessions had nothing, nor will they have anything to do with Taylor Swift.”

We think Ballerini might just be covering her ass. Rumors are swirling that Ballerini might be one of the collaborators, along with Kesha, who ignited speculation about a collaboration after posting an Instagram with the caption: “Making a F*** OFF song with a casual Grammy award winning secret person. I got a good feeling about this one …”


We would LOVE to see a T-Swift and Kesha collaboration. We’ve definitely got a good feeling about Swift’s upcoming album.

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