Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Are Engaged and Tom Cruise Approves!

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are reportedly engaged! Apparently, Foxx even got Tom Cruise’s approval before getting down on one knee.

An insider source revealed to Hollywood Life that the couple have had to keep their relationship a secret according to a contract stemming from Katie and Tom’s divorce settlement back in 2012. But now after years of secrecy, the pair are excited to finally make their romance public in 2017. The source even reveals that Foxx and Cruise had a conversation about the engagement, in which Cruise gave his blessing and support:

“Jamie called Tom and told him that he loved Katie, and that he thought that being in a stable family would be best for Suri too. Tom, despite initial reservations, agreed not to stand in the couple’s way. After the man-to-man conversation, even Tom could see how serious Jamie and Katie are.”

Now that Holmes and Foxx are contractually allowed to be public with their relationship the pair reportedly plan to wed in November. Had the pair decided to go public before the contract allowed, or decided to divulge secrets about their divorce or Cruise’s Scientology beliefs, sources speculate she would have had to forfeit millions of dollars from their settlement.

Definitely wouldn’t be worth spilling all that gossip if it’s going to cost you millions of dollars, if you ask us.

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