Is Miley Cyrus Ready to Quit ‘The Voice’ Due to Feud With Adam Levine?

Drama alert!

According to inside sources at In Touch Weekly,  Miley Cyrus is allegedly ready to quit The Voice due to her standing feud with Adam Levine. Things on the set of the NBC singing reality competition have gotten so bad that the source is reporting if she doesn’t quit now, which she probably can’t due to contractual obligations, she will most certainly not be returning to the show beyond season 11. The source told the magazine:

“Miley’s dying to get out of there. Things are so bad. She’s had enough. Miley feels like his [Adam] favorite target. She feels like it’s a boys’ club and that she’s all alone.”

The pop singer and former Disney channel star supposedly doesn’t see “eye to eye” with the majority of her co-stars including Adam, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys. Sounds like someone needs to be a little friendlier around the set. But while things with some of her other co-stars may be a bit tense, it is apparently her feud with Levine that is causing her to really boil over.

Some of their arguments have reportedly left Miley “in tears,” causing her to question why she even went on the show in the first place. Both musicians have yet to publicly comment on the feud rumors, but that hasn’t stopped a number of sources saying that Adam “acts like he cannot stand her” and “seems like he really doesn’t want anything to do with her.”

We doubt the stars will open up about the rumors any time soon, but we’ll probably be able to figure out whether or not this feud is real when Miley decides whether or not she is going to sign on for the next season of The Voice.

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