Pot Smokers Have Lower BMIs, According to New Study

Usually when you smoke some weed, you end up chowing down on an entire pepperoni pizza and a bag of Cheetos. We can’t blame you — the munchies can be incredibly overpowering. But according to a new study published in the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, smoking up may be doing your physique more good than harm, contrary to popular belief.

Researchers examined more than 13,000 people’s weed habits over the time span of six years, then compared the collected data to participants’ BMI (body mass index). For those who never paid attention in health class, your BMI is a number calculated from your age, height and weight to assess the amount of body fat you’re carrying around. High BMIs can indicate an increased risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, cancer and other health issues. While there is some debate on how accurate BMIs are in terms of a person’s overall health, it’s generally a good idea to find yourself lower on the BMI scale.

Ok, now back to the study. Despite having intense munchies after smoking, women (on average) who used marijuana every day had BMIs that were 3.1 percent lower than those who didn’t smoke at all. Men who used weed daily also had a 2.7 percent lower BMI than non-smokers.

While this isn’t the first time research has supported the fact that weed smokers have lower BMIs, it also doesn’t support claims that smoking can trigger weight loss or fend off weight gain. But hey, whatever. We’ll take it. Good news is good news, right?


Julia Roberts

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