This Model Murdered Her Boyfriend After He Dumped Her With a Text

For those of you who have ever been broken up via text message, you know how much it sucks. Not only is someone you care about leaving you, but they don’t even have the nerve to say it to your face! I remember one dude breaking it off with me after he left for art school; there were about 30 girls for every guy there, and suddenly he wanted “space to think about our relationship”. Like, okay then.

Basically, text message breakups always suck. But this 29-year-old model took the end of her relationship VERY badly. Ellishia Allen from England allegedly received a break-up text from her boyfriend, and got so furious that she ended up stabbing him to death. That’s probably not how the guy envisioned this going.

Daily Mail reports that last July, Allen received a text from the man she was officially seeing, Karl Bloxham, which read “It’s over.” Bloxham sent her this message before going out to the pub with some colleagues for some time. When he arrived back home, Allen was waiting for him. She stabbed the 39-year-old, who is a father of two, repeatedly with a 12-cm blade until he died.

But the episode doesn’t stop there. After killing her partner in the home that they shared, Allen frantically called emergency services and confessed what she had done. “I’ve just stabbed my boyfriend. He’s dying in front of me,” she was reported to have said. “I’ve just stabbed him. He was calling me names. He was drunk.” Clearly panicking, she then admitted “I’ve got a mental health problem. I just grabbed the knife and I’ve just stabbed him in his heart. I didn’t know where I was stabbing him and I’ve stabbed him to death.” She gave her address to the telephone operator, continuing to describe the victim as dead with his eyes open, a result of her actions.

It wasn’t a quiet murder either. Bloxham’s neighbors reported hearing disturbing noises that night. One of them reported to police that they heard loud thumping sounds coming from the apartment, as well as doors slamming and their dog barking. Another heard Allen shouting “Karl, please don’t leave me” while a third resident heard a man shouting “Stop, you’re hurting me!”

Allen admitted her guilt to the court, and was today given a life-long jail sentence with a minimum of 14 years behind bars. The court found out that Allen and Bloxham started a relationship in 2011, but it was described as “volatile and unpredictable” from the beginning. Allen had also been an alcoholic, and had the characteristics of emotionally unstable personality disorder along with bulimia and anorexia struggles.

Incredible to think what a simple text can do, huh?

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