Keke Palmer Calls Out ‘Marie Claire’ For Racist Shoot

Keke Palmer has been featured in Marie Claire  and according to the Scream Queens actress, the color of her skin has been “washed out” in the photo.

Palmer posted a picture of her feature on Instagram expressing her gratitude for the publication while simultaneously acknowledging her concern for appearing lighter than she truly is.

“I consider myself to be chocolate and I do feel as if some of my color has been washed out, Palmer said. “I want the little girls like me to see this shoot and know that they don’t have to be lighter to be in it. Our world suffers from that mental construct. I don’t wish to feed into that unreal reality.”

The actress continued by saying that “black beauty, and all beauty for that matter, comes in all shades.”

Although colorism in media is a touchy subject, Palmer received many positive comments for her post, including one from model Winnie Harlow saying, “Get it girl!!!” and we were just as inspired as her followers.

Thank you for the message, Keke Palmer. Well received.

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