Kylie Jenner Has a Doppelgänger and She’s Tyga’s Ex-Girlfriend

Kylie Jenner has a doppelgänger and the resemblance is definitely noticeable. Her twin isn’t just some random girl, either. She happens to have a very interesting connection to Kylie’s longtime boyfriend, Tyga.

Demi Rose Mawby, Jenner’s Instagram twin, just so happens to be Tyga’s ex-girlfriend. Lately, Mawby has become a near spitting image of Kylie in the way that she dresses and looks. Check out this Instagram photo in which Mawby sports a form-fitting grey dress that looks extremely similar to those Jenner is often seen sporting.

Demi Rose, an English model from Birmingham, shot to fame earlier this year when she was spotted out with Tyga during a time when it was rumored that he and Kylie had split. After being spotted in Cannes with Tyga, many outlets noted her striking similarity to Jenner. And while Kylie and Tyga appear to be happier than ever, Mawby definitely capitalized on the publicity she received during her stint in the spotlight. With over 3 million followers, Mawby has even endorsed the same tea that the Kardashian family backs on their Instagram accounts. Check out the uncanny photos below.

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