Tuesdays are for Miss COED 2017 Contestants From Marshall, UNCC & More

These past few months have been dedicated to searching the country for the smartest, coolest, all-around most awesome college girls to represent their schools in our Miss COED 2017 competition. Now we’re finally unveiling the school reps and why they love their universities. Today, you’ll meet five girls from across the nation, each from different backgrounds, with different majors and aspirations. Today’s girls are coming at you from Marshall, UNCC and more. Get to know them below and check back every day to meet five new university representatives until voting starts October 12.

Which school is going to take home the Miss COED 2017 title? We’ll let you decide.

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Lexy Milliken, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lexy Milliken Photos

“I am the definition of a ‘Tar Heel born, Tar Heel bred.’ I am a fourth generation UNC student and have had Carolina in my heart since the day I was born. So when I got accepted to UNC, I knew that is exactly where I wanted to be. UNC is such a diverse group of students, has a multitude of clubs, a close sense of community and SO MUCH SPIRIT! I think it is impossible to go two steps on this campus without seeing someone wearing that beautiful tar heel blue. I love my school and am blessed beyond measure to be here. GO HEELS! :)”

See Lexy Milliken’s full profile here.

Savannah Cyrus, Marshall University
Savannah Cyrus Photos

“I actually just transferred here to Marshall. My first year [of college], I went to a small school in Kentucky and played softball and decided I wanted to go to a bigger school and focus on my academics and have more free time!”

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Brianna Rush, California State University – Fresno

Brianna Rush Photos

“If I could change one thing about the world, it would be the racism people still have. Or when they don’t even realize that what they are saying comes off racist. Being an African American woman in society, I’ve heard and seen things that get under my skin and I don’t think it’s funny at all. Some people want me to laugh with them, but it’s nothing to joke about.”

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Jessica Smith Weaver, Georgia State University 
Jessica Smith Photos

“I love my college because who doesn’t want to go to school while being in the middle of the city?! Being in downtown is so fun because there is ALWAYS something to do, new restaurants to try or new places to shop!”

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Rachel Wagoner, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Rachel Wagone Photos

“I major in Pre-Kinesiology and my minor is Public Health. Hopefully I’ll get into the Exercise Science program this fall. I want to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and then further my education by getting a Master’s for Occupational Therapy.”

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