These are The Women Vying for Nick Viall’s Heart

Nick Viall admitted that he might not find love on The Bachelor, but that won’t stop him from dating a bunch of beautiful women in the meantime. He’s already handing out roses and going on dates, and photos of his prospective girlfriends IRL have surfaced online. The Bachelor season 21 won’t premiere until January 2, 2017, but over the next few weeks, spoilers will be pouring in. First up: who’s trying to win Nick Viall’s heart.

Thanks to blogger Reality Steve, we already know who several of this season’s contestants are. First to be revealed is Lauren Hussey, a 30-year-old from Naples, Florida. According to her LinkedIn account, Hussey works at a shelter for abused women and children. Below is an Instagram photo of the contestant, with an additional tweet from Mike Fleiss (the show’s producer) showing what looks to be Hussey during a rose ceremony.

Leila Pari, 23, is a model from Los Angeles, California who has worked under Wilhelmina International. She’s originally from San Diego but is currently living in LA and working on a singer/songwriter career. She’s released a few songs and videos, but her popularity has yet to skyrocket. We’re sure that’s about to change…

She’s even alluded to being on the show on Instagram:


Kristina Schilman, a 24-year-old dental hygienist from Lexington, Kentucky, is another one of Viall’s prospective loves. Sadly she deactivated all of her social media accounts (except for Instagram, which she made private) so photos are scarce. However, we do know some important facts: she graduated from the University of Kentucky not too long ago and was adopted from Russia when she was a young child.

Thanks to Reality Steve, we also have these phone screenshots:

Kristina Schilman Photos

Lacey Mark, a 25-year-old who followed suit and also deactivated her social media accounts, hails from New York City, where she currently works as the Associate Manager of Community and Content at Bliss Cosmetics. Needless to say, the girl has perfect skin. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science and Government/Middle Eastern Studies, so she’s also a smartie.

Elizabeth Whitelaw is currently a 24-year-old originally from Chicago. She will be 25 by the time the show actually airs, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology but is working as a Marketing Associate for Robin Technologies. She also deactivated all of her social accounts, so photos are nowhere to be found, but hopefully everyone will get back on the social media bandwagon once the show starts. How else are we going to keep tabs?!

Check back daily as more contestants and spoilers are revealed.

Update – 9/28

Thanks to Reality Steve, we’ve got another Bachelor contestant to get to know.

Whitney Fransway is another 25-year-old model currently living in Los Angeles, California. She also teaches yoga and pilates, and is originally from Minnesota. She graduated from Minnesota State in 2014 with a B.A. in Communications and, according to Instagram, is friends with former Bachelor vets Juan Pablo and Lucy Aragon.

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