Kim Kardashian was Assaulted By the Same A**hole Who Attacked Gigi Hadid

Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity victim of a random public assault. She was assaulted by the same man who attacked Gigi Hadid at Milan Fashion Week last week. Also like Hadid, Kim K. is not happy with him and his unwarranted attack.

The reality star was in Paris when this incident happened. She had just left her car when the stranger approached her from behind and attempted to kiss her butt. Yes. That’s actually what he tried to do, but luckily seemed to have failed. He was promptly tackled to the ground as security came to Kardashian’s rescue. She was able to get safely past the paparazzi, despite the confusion. Sediuk, on the other hand, was hounded by them after his attack.

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Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, also posted a video of what happened to Instagram:

The man has since been identified as Ukranian reporter Vitalii Sediuk, who likes to “prank” celebrities at public events and appearances. He’s also made an attempt to grab Kardashian’s legs two years ago at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting Brad Pitt in May 2014, and was sentenced to community service. Clearly, no one’s laughing at his pranks though, least of all the celebrities.

At Milan Fashion Week, supermodel Hadid was leaving the Max Mara show when Sediuk lifted her off the ground from behind. She managed to elbow him in the face before he ran off, with her rightfully angry at his unexpected action. She took to Twitter to explain herself (though she shouldn’t have to), as Sediuk approached and touched her without her permission, something that was far closer to an attack than a joke. His actions towards Kardashian this week won’t be forgotten easily either. According to E! News, she’s reached out to French authorities to file a complaint, a totally valid option given that she was nearly violated in public without reason.

Sediuk tries to excuse his actions by playing them off as funny, but he’s violating the personal space of these women. No one deserves to be lifted up or touched without their permission, especially not by a random stranger in public. It’s assault, and it’s not a joke.