This PSU Student Found Out Her Roommate was Tweeting About Her, So She One Upped Her

Once upon a time, I had a POS roommate. She was passive aggressive, never respected my things and was full of backhanded comments that I let roll off my back because I’m not an a**hole (only like, 85% a**hole). But the day I found out she was tweeting about me — a bad move considering our other roommate, whom I’ve known the majority of my life, followed her — I lost my sh*t. Is there anything more annoying than harboring your hatred for someone and trying to make it work, while they’re letting their hate flag fly on Twitter? No.

PSU freshman Jessica knows exactly what I’m talking about.

In an epic roommate drama that rocked the Twittersphere, Jessica found a ton of passive aggressive tweets her roommate posted online. But instead of privately berating her, she posted the screenshots online, then took things up a notch by printing them out and hanging them around their shared dormitory.

Talk about balls. THIS is everything. Naturally the roommate was less than thrilled when she got back to their room. She immediately tore down the messages and ran off. Sadly the rest of the student body didn’t get the message — countless students were waiting outside of Jessica’s door to see WTF was going down.

In an earlier tweet, Jessica says the relationship had gone sour several weeks prior, and most recently, the girl called the cops to tell them about her weed stash.

When Jessica confronted her roommate about it (her name is listed as Nikki in her phone), Nikki admitted to being a b*tch (her words, not mine), but stood by her decision to get the authorities involved.

Within a matter of minutes, Jessica had a ton of people backing her up, especially considering Nikki clearly isn’t as innocent as she said she was. She may not like to smoke weed, but she sure as hell likes to drink, and Tweeters are making it known.

DRAMA. Sadly the RA tried to squash her fun and asked the two to remain neutral, but can anyone really stop this story from blowing up? No.

Aside from sticking up for herself against Nikki’s friends who insisted they put themselves in the middle of the drama, she also called the campus police about harassment. Finally, Nikki did the smartest thing she could: she made her Twitter account private.

Holy sh*t, we feel like we’ve been through a war. Jessica sums this sh*tshow up perfectly:

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