Get Ready Beyhive, More Ivy Park Is Coming Your Way

Beyonce, the Queen of everything, recently unveiled the campaign to her Fall/Winter Ivy Park line. When she first released Ivy Park, we were immediately obsessed with it. This is Beyonce we’re talking about, after all. Her first collection focused on athleisure with everything from cute Ivy Park tank tops to yoga pants. The newest addition to her line builds on that athleisure trend and then some. Other than classic leggings and sweatshirt looks, the new additions include heavier items like puffer jackets and even a denim bottom suit.

Take a look at a video from the brand below to check out Beyonce as she models some of the newest pieces. You might even get a glimpse of Blue Ivy and Jay-Z in the brand’s promo, which is narrated by Queen Bey herself.

The pieces from the newest addition to the Ivy Park line are available today at retailers like Nordstrom and Topshop. We’re obviously so excited for Beyonce’s newest line and Twitter users definitely shared in our excitement.

Yep, same. We’re seriously not even shocked that Beyonce’s new campaign and line are as flawless as she is.

Take a look at this gallery of pure Beyonce GIFs just because she’s so amazing. You’re welcome.

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