‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Season 13, Episode 1 Recap

After 10 long years of medical drama, deaths, plane crashes, bizarre conditions and hospital romances, Grey’s Anatomy is still going strong with its 13th season. Our hearts have already been broken time and time again by these people, but we still keep coming back for more. After all, who could resist all that drama?

Here’s all of the spoilers from episode 1 you need to know:

Season 13, Episode 1 “Undo”
Fans were brought back to Owen and Amelia’s wedding in the show’s season 13 premiere, where everyone but Meredith is out on the dance floor. While Riggs decides to be the worst and point out that the couple won’t last, Meredith counters the argument by saying they should be happy for them. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, but things end quickly as Riggs is pulled out on the dance floor. BYE RIGGS!

Back at the hospital, things aren’t going great (as expected). DeLuca was rushed to the hospital with Alex alongside him. His face was literally busted, but he wasn’t willing to talk about how it happened. As fans know, DeLuca got his ass kicked by Alex after it looked like DeLuca and Jo were hooking up.

The wedding is promptly interrupted by the DeLuca drama and everyone heads out. Maggie, Bailey, Ben and Meredith head over to the hospital. While there, Meredith promises not to reveal WTF happened between DeLuca and Alex.

Stephanie comes to the hospital to chat with Jo, who eventually spills the story about what happened. Stephanie then explains it to Meredith, who then relays it to Alex — in short, DeLuca definitely didn’t try to get into Jo’s pants. With that revelation, Meredith is all “let’s tell the police,” but Alex insists he talk to DeLuca first. Because, of course he does! But as soon as Alex walks into DeLuca’s room, he realizes he has to turn himself in to authorities.

But like every single Grey’s Anatomy show that’s ever hit TV, the lies keep coming. Meredith still hasn’t come clean about Riggs, and instead lies to him when he shows up at their doorstep, saying she’s not down for another quickie. Right… we’re sure everyone could just pass that up.


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