After Death Rumors Bring Police to the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner Assures Everyone He’s Still Alive

Hugh Hefner Death Rumor


Hugh Hefner may be 90 years old, but he’s doing just fine.

The Playboy mogul went on Twitter late Friday night to refute reports that he is gravely ill and did it in the most Hef-like way possible.

We can only imagine what kind of plans Hef has lined up this weekend. But the death rumors haven’t come completely out of nowhere, as the West Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to E! News that they responded to a call directing them to the Playboy mansion after TMZ alerted them to a possible death at the residence. But as it turns out, the authorities had no reason to show up because everyone inside the mansion is apparently alive and well. According to sources, the quintessential bachelor isn’t lying on his death bed, but rather just getting old:

Hef is 90 years old so he has the health of a 90-year-old. He’s an old man. I’m sure he’s not in the best of shape but it’s just old age. This story [about his deteriorating health] always pops up, but as far as I know he’s just very old and there’s nothing really new about that.”

Hugh Hefner continues to live the dream, even at 90 years old.

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