You’ve Got to Watch Alec Baldwin & Kate McKinnon’s Presidential Debate Parody on SNL

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon are back at it again!

Season 42 of Saturday Night Live premiered last night with the much-anticipated presidential debate show opener. Featuring Kate McKinnon’s spot-on impression of Hillary Clinton and a return from Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, the two “candidates” squared off on many of the same questions that Lester Holt (played by Michael Che in the skit) asked the real presidential nominees this past Monday night. When asked how they would create more jobs if elected president, Baldwin’s Trump gave this somewhat familiar answer:

“I’ve got a very presidential answer for this. Our jobs are fleeing this country. They’re going to Mexico. They’re going to Jina. I would stop that. If Hillary knew how, she would have done it already. Period. End of story. I won the debate, I stayed calm, just like I promised, and it is over. Goodnight Hofstra.”

Kate McKinnon gave hilariously perfect responses through the “debate,” even offering Baldwin’s Trump two extra minutes of speaking time so he could talk more about his policies. Check out the funny sketch below.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC.

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