Teen Throws Baby Out a Window, Then Asks Facebook Friends For Favor

Antonia Lopez, a teenager from Omaha, Nebraska, is being charged as an adult in her child’s death after she reportedly threw her newborn baby out of a second story window. According to the Daily Mail, the 16-year-old gave birth to a little girl on Friday in her bedroom. Shortly after, she threw the baby out the window, then turned to Facebook looking for a favor.

Lopez reportedly told her mother what happened and her mom found the child in the grass outside of their apartment. After giving her CPR, Lopez’s mom called 911 and waited for paramedics while Lopez posted a disturbing Facebook status.

“Who can do me a huge favor and has a car?” she asked, followed by three crying emojis.

Antonia Lopez
What the favor was remains unknown as does a motive, but the baby girl was pronounced dead by the time paramedics transferred her to the hospital. Lopez has since been charged with one felony count of child abuse turning to death.

While commenters have flooded her most recent FB status, a previous post is also gaining attention. Roughly eight months ago, Lopez posted photos of herself with a baby doll, with an accompanied status that read “This is so annoying.” It’s eerie and weirdly telling.

Antonia Lopez FB Photos
Lopez’s grandfather John Barcelona says he didn’t know Lopez was pregnant nor could they tell by looking at her. The baby was a huge shock to their family.

“She looked like she was well underweight more than anything else, I would’ve never dreamed that she was pregnant,” he told KETV. “In my head, I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.”

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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