Couple Sentenced to One Year Probation After Cocaine was Found in Four-Month-Old’s System

Som and Krystin Lisaius, two former Arizona TV personalities, were just sentenced to a one year probation after their four-month-old daughter was found to have cocaine in her system. She reportedly ingested the drug through breast milk. The 26-year-old new mom and her husband, 42, both pleaded guilty to child endangerment on August 31 and were officially sentenced earlier today.

The baby was taken to the hospital on May 15 after her eyes started to roll back into her head. Her parents told doctors she was also limp and unresponsive, but they did not want the child’s blood drawn and remained uncooperative after she was admitted into Diamond Children’s Hospital. A urinalysis and toxicology screen was performed regardless of their wishes.

According to an earlier report from the Arizona Daily Star, both parents failed to mention their little habit to hospital staff. “It should be noted that at no time according to the report did either parent tell the hospital staff about the mother’s cocaine use the night before and Krystin continued to breast feed while at the hospital,” one detective wrote.

Once the test results came out, the mother denied ever using cocaine and claimed she didn’t know how the baby came in contact with it. Unable to hide behind that weak excuse, Krystin eventually admitted to police that she snorted cocaine with her husband the night prior while partying with friends. She continued to tell authorities that she thought she did the right thing by waiting 12 hours before breast feeding. Clearly, she was wrong.

Her husband also denied ever having snorted coke, but then admitted to using it about “every six weeks or so” after his wife’s confession. He also told officers that he watched his wife do a few lines after giving birth to their daughter.

When police raided their home, they found 1.59 grams of cocaine and a scale.

The baby has since been placed in the care of her grandmother, where Krystin has “24-hour contact with her child in her mother’s house, while Som Lisaius is allowed to see the baby for 12 hours a day.”

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