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12 Things You Won’t Miss When You Graduate

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It can be pretty tough to say goodbye to some of the best four years we’ve ever experienced. But there are also a few things we’re not so sad to see go upon graduating college.

1. The rise in tuition each year.

2. Constantly being broke af…

3. But still spending hundreds of dollars on books you won’t even touch…

4. Or being duped into buying the textbook your professor wrote…

5. And still having to pay for the test study guides either way.

6. Getting long-term assignments but not starting on them until the day before they’re due…

7. Which usually results in pulling an all-nighter…

8. And writing papers that just hit the minimum page count

9. Walking through the plaza and being harassed by twenty different campus organizations. Does no one understand how annoying that is?

10. Being screwed over by people in your group project.

11. Cumulative final exams. REALLY?! 

12. Final exams in general.

But we’ll always thank college for the memories–even the one that are a serious pain in the ass.