7 Reasons To Try Out An Intramural Sport In College

softball intramural


When a sign-up sheet was passed around my dorm during freshman year for volleyball and softball teams, I didn’t hesitate to put my name on the paper. I had played sports throughout high school – from tennis to basketball to softball – and while I was by no means going to make a college team, I was still eager to get my competitive side an outlet.

Those volleyball and softball games ended up being some of my favorite college memories. In fact, now I play in a coed softball league – that turns into a dodgeball league in the off-season – as an “adult.” (Yes, quotes are necessary.)

If you’re weighing whether or not you should try out an intramural sport, I’m here to tell you to do it. Here’s why.

1. You’ll Meet New Friends

Whether you join a team with your freshman floormates or your sorority or just sign up as a free agent, you’re going to end the season with many more friendly faces on campus.

2. It Will Help You Stay in Shape

Let’s face it – running on the treadmill gets oldĀ fast. Instead of boring yourself to death at the gym, intramurals will help you be active after class.

3. You Don’t Have to Be an All-Star

Maybe you were never picked first in gym class – who cares? Though things do get competitive at times – believe me – intramural sports attract everyone from the kid picked last in dodgeball to the guy who started on his high school team. It’s about having fun!

4. Hello, Instagram!

Look at you, Sporty Spice. These are photos from college you can actually show your parents, which is a plus.

5. It’s a Great Study Break

We all need a study break occasionally, and taking an hour to play a fun game will have you forgetting all about that exam that’s causing you to freak out…

6. It Relieves Stress

…And nothing feels better than crushing a ball (instead of crushing your prof’s skull).

7. Bragging Rights

Nothing lifts your day like a good win. And if your team wins the season, there’s a good chance you’re walking away with an awesome t-shirt to let the entire campus know your dominance.

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