Vegan Mom Faces Child Endangerment Charges After Feeding Her 11-Month Old Only Nuts & Fruit

Vegan Mom Feeds Child Nuts


We have nothing against veganism whatsoever. In fact, we think it’s an awesome way to live a healthy lifestyle and support the environment. However, one Pennsylvania mom took things way too far when she only fed her 11-month old son a diet of fruit and nuts.

Who is Elizabeth Hawk?

The mother in question is a proud vegan and wanted her baby boy to subscribe to the same diet, but the diet became more of an obsession when she only fed him sparse meals that left him suffering both physically and developmentally. According to family members, she wanted to “live on water and sunlight.”

Elizabeth Hawk Vegan Mom Child Abuse

CBS Pittsburgh

What Happened?

Hawk’s sister-in-law reported to CBS Pittsburgh that the child developed a severe rash and had appeared to lose control of his motor skills, unable to use his hands. While the child’s mother continues to blame allergies, neither her sister-in-law nor her separated husband, the boy’s father, are convinced. The father, Jerry Hawk, immediately took the boy to Children and Youth Services, at which point the child was transported to a hospital in West Virginia.

The attending physician who treated the boy reported to Pennsylvania’s WKBN that the child suffered from malnourishment and that a lack of nutrient-rich food had caused a “failure to thrive.” Although feeding an infant a vegan diet is possible, it does create a lot of additional challenges because children need sufficient calories and the right balance of nutrients¬†, according to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Vegan Baby

CBS Pittsburgh

The 11-month old boy now lives with his father and is reportedly “doing great.” Elizabeth Hawk is facing charges of child endangerment and a preliminary hearing has been set for November 14.

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