‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7B Spoilers: Did a Cast Member Accidentally Reveal Uber A’s Identity?

Did a Pretty Little Liars cast member accidentally expose the true identity of Uber A?

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, actress Vanessa Ray (or you might know her better as Charlotte DiLaurentis a.k.a. CeCe Drake on the show) spoke out about what fans can expect from the final season. Ray revealed a bunch of juicy details, most of which revolved around the unknown identity of Uber A.

Considering that the show’s final season of episodes will air in April 2017, it makes sense that even the cast members are wondering if the identity will be revealed before the show ends. Well fans, you’re in luck, because Ray made it clear that she thinks that one of the Liars will be exposed as Uber A. She even went to so far as to make a guess as to who it might be.

“I think it’s going to be Aria. I think like early in the early days, she just kind of had the most to lose. [Aria] was hurt the most by the antics that ‘A’ put her through, so that’s why I think she might be the one that’s coming back to get them all.”

Ray also teased that fans might see more of her in the final season, despite the fact that her character was killed back in season 6 after being thrown off the roof of a church. It seems that Charlotte’s murder may be a big part of the storyline in season 7B, and it’s possible that her character might be resurrected from the grave or featured in one of the show’s infamous flashbacks.

Do you think Lucy Hale’s character, Aria, is Uber A? Or do you have a better guess?

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