Shia LaBeouf Apparently Got Married In Las Vegas?!

Surprise? Leave it to longtime celebrity Shia LaBeouf to not have a traditional wedding. Celeb weddings range from simplistically chic and private to glamorous and public. And they’re always fun to hear about, mostly because celebrities have way more money to spend on weddings than we do. But LaBeouf is unusual in every sense of the word, so it makes sense that his surprise wedding feels like it came out of an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

TMZ shared a live-stream video of what looked like a wedding between the 30-year-old former actor and his longtime girlfriend, Mia Goth. They said “I do” on Monday at the Viva Las Vegas chapel, known for themed weddings, during what looks like a Vegas-themed ceremony. An Elvis impersonator led the ceremony with a hula dancer as a witness. Seriously.

Despite the initial outlandishness, it’s clear that the couple is excited and emotional as the ceremony progresses:

While there’s no denying that was definitely LaBeouf and Goth, the video holds the potential to be misleading. It’s important to remember that the actor definitely partakes in performance art, one of his more recent endeavors being him filming himself watching his own movies for hours. Could this wedding possibly be another performance art piece? There has yet to be official documentation of LaBeouf and Goth’s union.

The two first started dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of Nymphomaniac: Volume II. Engagement rumors began flying in March 2015 after Goth was spotted wearing a ring on one finger in particular. Although they had made major headlines after a huge public fight in Germany in July 2015, it seems like they have mended the rocky part of their relationship.

I’m still not sure if the wedding’s real or an interpretive art piece, but if LaBeouf and Goth are happy in their own weird way, I’m happy too.

[H/T: E! News]

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