Halloween Costumes Based on Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Halloween is the one holiday we never seem to be ready for, despite spending a large part of the year talking about it. But this year, Netflix has blessed us with some of the finest television shows of recent memory, featuring a fresh crop of the most memorable TV characters of all time. Below are our picks of Halloween costume ideas from your favorite Netflix series for a last minute procrastinator or an early bird.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

If you have dark hair and are going for an effortless costume celebrating TV’s biggest badass of the year, Jessica Jones is ideal. A leather jacket, ripped jeans, black boots and confidence should do the trick.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage

Who’s the coolest new superhero on Netflix? Luke Cage. A yellow shirt, jeans and a chain for a belt will get you the look you’re looking for. Note: don’t kicking someone’s ass in the process.

Joyce Bowers from Stranger Things
Joyce Stranger Things

The biggest hit of the summer has already sparked costumes for cult character Barb and the supernatural breakout, Eleven. But as a huge Winona Ryder fan, I would opt for the paranoid character of Joyce Bowers with a stripped shirt, army jacket, an ax, a pack of cigarettes and of course, a string of lights.

Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black
Alex Vause

After four seasons, the OITNB cast is used to people creating a group costume based on their lovable characters, but Piper’s ex-flame Alex might be the best character ever. If you have dark hair, an orange jumpsuit and can rock a winged eyeliner, you’ve got her look.

Titus Andromedon from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Titus Andromedon

Is there anything you can’t wear when trying to imitate Titus Andromedon? The hilarious character morphs into an array of colorful costumes and characters of his own, so it might be tricky to pin down his everyday look. But no worries there, you just have a lot of options. Pick a memorable look, like his maroon silk PJ’s or the “Baby Sl*t” shirt, and rock it.

Frankie Bernstein of Grace & Frankie
Frankie Bernstein

If you can’t go as a pair, no problem! We totally get why you’d be dying to dress up as the eccentric Frankie Bernstein. Throw on a pair of overalls, a loose button up and a multicolored headband, and you’re set. Don’t forget your paintbrush!

The Get Down girls
The Get Down Girls

Netflix’s love story to the Bronx displayed some of the coolest outfits of the summer with their late ’70s disco hip-hop bliss. Grab your girlfriends and pick up a wrap dress, tube socks, hot pants, bucket hats and puma’s to create the ultimate Halloween squad.

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