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16 Hilarious Halloween Costumes To Satisfy Your Punny Side



Halloween is right around the corner, and while I know you’re tempted to pull out the old sexy cat outfit for the sixth year in a row, I challenge you to get a bit more creative. Is there anything better than having to explain your costume to some randomly confused stranger on the street? No! It’s hilarious and will make you feel incredibly smart. So put the cat ears down, lay off the eyeliner whiskers, and opt for one of these creative getups instead.

Try out these super simple, DIY costumes to create your new favorite puns below. Here’s the full list:

1. Beer on Tap
2. Cereal Killers
3. Social Butterfly
4. Spelling Bee
5. French Kiss
6. Curiosity Killed the Cat
7. Cat Calling
8. Freudian Slip
9. Pig in a Blanket
10. Breadwinner and Dust Bunny
11. Ariana Grande
12. Black Eyed Peas
13. Formal Apology
14. Dunkin Donuts
15. Life of the Party

And here’s the accompanied photos:

Great, right? Yeah, you’re welcome.

    Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.