Nick Viall’s Old Hookup Comes Back To Haunt Him On ‘The Bachelor’

Oh Nick Viall. Dude can’t catch a break. Aside from believing that he won’t find love on the upcoming season of The Bachelor (and everyone wishing it was Luke Pell up there instead), Viall was faced with a nightmare we’ve all experienced: unexpectedly running into an ex-hookup. Except unlike our personal experiences of running into them drunkenly at a bar or while meandering through the mall, he ran into them on a reality show. Yikes.

According to an US Weekly report, one of the contestants on season 21 of The Bachelor hooked up with Viall well before the show started taping.

“During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again,” a source told the magazine earlier today. How awkward is that? Also, why would you want to be part of this show if he never called you back? Do you really want to try and win that guy’s affection while also looking like a crazy stalker ex?!

Anyway, a second source said that Viall told producers he “didn’t want any girls on the show that he already knew or had a date with” because he felt “it was a waste of a person being there.” Clearly they didn’t take that little sentiment to heart. On the bright side, this definitely ups the chances for the other girls — this one night stand is not going to get a rose during the first ceremony.

Find out how their awkwardness unfolds in January 2017.

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