This Woman Unleashed An Epic Text Rant After Being Rejected By Her Crush

Rejection is hard, especially when it comes from someone you felt like you really connected with. But if there’s one lesson I learned from my experience in the dating world, it’s to always save face. If your boyfriend of five years breaks up with you without an explanation, don’t try to burn his car down. If a guy takes you out but never wants to see you again, don’t throw a fit and post about the incident on Facebook. If you ask a guy out and they’re not interested, do not berate him via text message, where your texts are subjected to the magic of screenshots and lots of public ridicule.

Granted, that’s a lot easier said than done. Just ask Amber, a woman who couldn’t help but go off on a guy after he turned down her date invitation. Normally this would be fine — you confess your stint of craziness to your friends, dwell on it for 20 minutes until they convince you otherwise, then blame the situation on lack of sleep — but not when the guy decides to screenshot the messages and post them to Reddit.

Reddit user Austin Super Saiyan posted the series of psychotic screenshots to Reddit earlier this week and we can’t help but feel like Amber went way overboard. In his post, he explained, “I was having a casual conversation with a girl I met, and she goes crazy on me because I told her I wasn’t looking to date.” Sadly, he’s spot-on.

Here’s the full text conversation:

Yup, that happened. Come on Amber, really?! You’re giving the rest of us a bad name! You put yourself out there and I get that’s hard, but when things don’t go your way, walk away gracefully and call it a day. Now everyone that’s connected to this guy thinks you’re insane, which means your dating pool just got way smaller. It’s a lose-lose all around.

So for anyone else who comes in counter with a similar situation, remember: Save. Face. Always. You’re welcome.

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