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Actual Hero ‘Batman’ is Patrolling the Streets & Chasing Creepy Clowns

Cumbria Superheroes sends out "Batman" to guard streets from clowns

Facebook/BBC Cumbria

Oh, how the tables have turned. The creepy clown epidemic is one that literally no one has enjoyed. From staring people down in the dark to posting threatening messages online, it’s gotten way into the realm of disturbing. It might be close to Halloween, but people have been getting hurt through these clown sightings. And it’s apparently spread to the UK from the US. In response to the recent rise in creepy clown incidents, a local costume store in England has sent out someone dressed as Batman in order to keep the streets safe.

According to Mashable, many clown-related incidents have left the children of Whitehaven, Cumbria traumatized and unable to sleep at night, which is seriously effed up. So Cumbria Superheroes decided to take action, like a true hero. They sent out “Batman” to patrol the streets as a means of reassuring children and parents alike. The local BBC even shared photos on their Facebook page:

Cumbria isn’t the only place that’s been affected either. People dressed as clowns, armed with knives and jumping out of bushes, have been frightening children and chasing pedestrians all over the country. In the city of Kent alone, police received 59 incident reports over the course of three days. At least three of those are considered criminal offenses, according to Commander Julian Bennett in a press release, and are leaving people scared and anxious.

But Batman’s clearly doing a good job. Many have expressed extreme gratitude towards the store for implementing an idea that has helped reduce the anxiety of the local kids. Even though it’s just a guy in a costume, the fact that someone’s doing something is discouraging the clowns and bringing peace of mind back to the Whitehaven families.

We in the US may have to start sending out our own superheroes to keep us safe from clowns. It is costume season after all, and fighting actual monsters – because let’s face it, clowns are horrible – actually sounds great. I call dibs on Wonder Woman!

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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