Chloe Grace Moretz Praises Shawn Mendes & Shames Kim Kardashian For The Exact Same Thing

Chloe Grace Moretz is finding herself in some hot water after praising a shirtless snap of singer Shawn Mendes. Her praise probably wouldn’t have caught anyone’s attention if she hadn’t tried to shame Kim Kardashian West for doing the same thing earlier in the year. Mendes had recently posted said picture on Twitter, which showed the crooner smoldering in a chest baring get-up. Moretz replied with a gif of herself (…) that showed the actress in a very appreciative manner. Check out the Twitter interaction below.

Moretz seems like she’s trying to get her flirt on (especially after her break-up with Brooklyn Beckham). But Twitter exploded at the actress for commenting on Kardashian’s nude selfie back in March. However, with those comments, she didn’t exactly praise the pic like she did with Mendes’. Moretz tweeted to Kardashian expressing that she was disappointed in what goals Kardashian was setting for younger women. She later said that the statements were not made to “sl*t-shame” Kardashian… even though that’s pretty much what she did.

Kardashian hit back with this amazing diss:

It’s honestly hypocritical for Moretz to glorify Mendes for something that she, unnecessarily, shamed Kardashian for. It also speaks to the issue of how socially acceptable we find images like Mendes’, while women like Kardashian are bashed for expressing their body how they choose to. We’re firmly Team Kim K on this one. Most of Twitter seemed to be as well.

Yeah, we have to agree with Twitter on this one. We’re disappointed in Moretz. At least her Nylon cover was cute though…

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