Someone Is Posting As This Missing Couple On Facebook

Charlie Carver, 32, and his girlfriend Kala Brown, 30, disappeared from their Anderson, South Carolina apartment on August 31 and haven’t been seen since. But according to Carver’s Facebook page, which has been updated  with major life events every single month since August, he’s perfectly fine. According to the Daily Beast, his parents believe that it’s not Carver but someone else, and they’re desperate to find out who is impersonating their son.

The couple was reportedly extremely close to their family and friends, and checked in with them nearly every day. When Carver’s mother Bobbie Newson hadn’t heard from her son in a few days, she immediately asked their building’s manager to check in on them. When he got there, he found the apartment to be unlocked and empty with many of their essentials — like Brown’s medication, glasses, and contact lenses — left behind. The couple’s dog was also found pacing the apartment without food or water.

However over the last few months, someone has posted that Carver and his girlfriend were expecting a baby, that they bought a new house, and that they were married on his Facebook page. Several of their friends have also been sent bizarre direct messages, with one reading “there is only one person that knows where we are … the person that means the most to me and kala she know where we are and we are coming that way for ever [sic].” Last week, the person also uploaded then deleted an old photo of the couple with the caption “we are fine.”

“I wish I could tell them to stop,” Carver’s younger sister Katie told The Daily Beast. “If they know where he is, bring him home.”

The page’s latest post was October 2 and featured a meme that read, “What color ribbon supports the people who can’t keep their nose out of other people’s business?”

Before that were shared missing persons posts and prayers posted for the couple by family members.

According to Brown’s friend Mayson, Brown was nervous that she was being stalked by Carver’s ex, whom he was in the middle of divorcing.

“Followed, sitting outside the apartment complex watching. All kinds of really crazy scary stuff,” Mayson said of the ex’s alleged behavior. “[Brown] made a comment at one time that she didn’t feel comfortable at all; that she was scared.”

Despite the creepy anecdote, police have yet to identify suspects and had no new leads as of Wednesday.

“There’s no new evidence to point any new direction,” Lt. David Creamer of the Anderson Police Department told The Daily Beast. “There’s no new leads, but we’re looking at every angle.”

[H/T: Daily Beast]

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