6 Drinks You’ll Definitely Want at Your Next Halloween Party

So. You’re going to throw a Halloween party. And not just any Halloween party – you want the creepiest, most badass party on the block. Decorations were a piece of cake and your costume will blow everyone’s mind. Once the clock strikes midnight and the witching hour begins, who knows what kind of spooky shenanigans you and your guests will get up to! But if you’re going to throw a really good party, then you know the refreshments make all the difference.

From ghoulish cocktails to festive shots, these drinks will take your party to the next level (of Inferno)! There are all kinds of tastes and ingredients involved, so pick your favorites and get going! If you’re looking to be the hostess with the mostess, then it’s time to go the extra mile with some of these boo-tiful beverages. So gather up your #witchsquad and start brewing:

Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch

Flickr/Heather Christo

Screw the same old  jungle juice you usually see at parties; this punch will definitely be your new centerpiece. The dark liquid combined with the blood orange make for a spooky-looking drink, but the fruit-and-rum combo will make it everyone’s fave forever. It looks fancy, but it really isn’t. Just pour in all the ingredients over ice, add some blood orange slices and voila! Masterpiece created.

You can get the full recipe here.

Blacklight Jello Shots

Cookbook Community

If you have a blacklight, here’s a creative way to use it: with your alcohol! With only four ingredients, these blacklight jello shots are simple yet eye-catching. It works well with either vodka or gin, so you can pick your preferred poison. Plus, adding in a liqueur or sweet rum will not only help with the tonic water’s bitterness but it means more alcohol, which is always a plus for shots.

Get the full recipe here.

Bloody Vampire

Simply Darrling

Although the recipe makes for one cocktail, it’s very easy to make a large batch of this twist on the typical cranberry vodka. Its dark red color makes it clear where its name came from; it will definitely inspire the image of blood! However, it’s almost too simple, especially if it’s a large amount just sitting in a punch bowl. Dry ice is not something you always find at the grocery store, and that’s what adds a lot of the mystique to this cocktail. We at College Candy don’t do parties half-heartedly, so we recommend adding human hands to this recipe.

Okay, not actual hands, but hand-shaped ice! All you need to do is pour water in a (clean) plastic glove, tie the open end like a balloon, and freeze it. Then just cut the gloves open and you can add your “hands” to the Bloody Vampire. You can also freeze mini plastic spiders in regular ice cubes and add those to really freak people out. These tricks will definitely take this simple drink to the next level.

Get the recipe here.

Candy Corn Jello Shots

Youtube/Tipsy Bartender

Why settle for one kind of alcohol when you can have three? Even if you usually hate candy corn, you’ll love these jello shots. Not only are they ridiculously festive, they’re also pretty strong. Each flavor of jello – Pina Colada, Orange, Lemon – correspond with a different type of alcohol that work well with the various tastes. This recipe requires a little more effort than just your basic jello shot but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to trick-or-treat yo’ guests.

For a sweeter, simpler twist, you can substitute the white layer for Cool Whip instead of more jello. Just make sure to reverse the layers shown above and add it at the top instead!

Find the recipe right here (and written out in the video description).

The Devil’s Margarita

Show Me The Yummy

Another layered drink that tastes as good as it looks. This margarita involves adding a little bit of red wine to the top of the traditional lime classic that will put forth a sinister look. Red wine’s deep flavors will also complement the sweetness of the lime really well! Whether you follow this easy recipe or use good ol’ margarita mix, this chilling drink is sure to be a hit among your tequila-loving friends.

Find the recipe here.

Zombie Brains Shots

Dell Cove Spice Company

While jello shots make for great holiday drinks, regular shots can be effective as well, clearly proven by these Zombie Brain shots. All it takes is a few crushed up kiwis to give your vodka a texture that is both gross and intriguing. And how the tables have turned: instead of zombies eating your brains, you’re drinking theirs. And it tastes delicious.

Check out the recipe here.

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