6 Easy YouTube Makeup Looks For Halloween, No Costume Required

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about our costumes. For most beauty lovers, this also means deciding on the perfect makeup to tie the whole look together. Thankfully, with the rise of YouTube makeup artists, there’s a tutorial for just about any look you can think of.

Whether you love blood and gore, or glitter and glam, we’ve got an amazing tutorial that will make you stand out when every makeup lover’s favorite day of the year rolls around.

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Selena’s beautiful spirit and incredible music have created a permanent legacy for this iconic performer. With MAC’s new Selena makeup collection available in-stores and online now, you can create an almost-identical makeup look to honor the late singer.

Double Vision

Want to surprise everyone with a totally unique (and kind of creepy) costume? Go for YouTube user Dope2111‘s epic double vision makeup look. Creating this awesome optical illusion is surprisingly simple and can help you to stand out at any Halloween party.

Harley Quinn

When Suicide Squad first came out, it was Margot Robbie’s quirky and badass portrayal of Harley Quinn that everyone was talking about. Harley’s smudged blue and pink makeup and adorable pigtails, coupled with her deadly baseball bat, are perfect for anyone who can’t decide if they want to look sweet or edgy.

The Human Snapchat Filter

It would be a lie if we said that the filters weren’t 95% of the reason we love Snapchat so much. We’d also be lying if we said that we didn’t sometimes find a filter so beautiful or adorable that we wished we could look like our favorite filter in real life. Rclbeauty101 felt our pain and made a video in which she recreated all of our favorite filters so we could actually walk around with a rainbow pouring out of our mouths, even if it’s just for a day.

Pop Art Girl

We’ve all seen images of beautiful pained and heartbroken pop art women crying by their phones in bright red lipstick and perfectly winged eyeliner. Thanks to YouTube makeup artists like Claire Dim, we can now recreate the modern beauty of a pop-art woman. This look can definitely be time-consuming and requires a lot of detail work on the skin, but we promise the final look is worth the effort.

Creepy Doll Makeup

This one is for the horror movie lovers out there. It’s hard to find something more terrifying that the idea of an old porcelain doll coming to life and taking vengeance on the humans around her. Even the creepy twins from The Shining would be shaken by a killer doll. Give your friends a big scare with this surprisingly easy doll makeup by Kat Sketch. It won’t take long and you probably already own some of the products she uses.

Good luck creating your perfect look. Happy Halloween!


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