Is Ken Bone Really The Debate Superstar That America Fell In Love With?

Ken Bone was the undeniable breakout star from the second presidential debate and we’ll admit that we did fall just a little bit in love. But now, the debate darling is coming under fire after doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit.

While doing the “AMA” under his alias, StanGibson18, Reddit users traced back to an old comment thread in which Bone called the murder of Trayvon Martin “justified.”

No, Ken. Just no.

Bone told TMZ that the Trayvon Martin comments were taken completely out of context and that he was only recapping a portionĀ of the Department of Justice’s report on the case. Apparently, “legally justified” were the report’s words and not Ken’s own. Bone feels that just because the shooting was justified, doesn’t mean that it was right, and that Martin’s death was indeed a huge tragedy.

But don’t worry, Ken isn’t letting the haters get him down “now that he’s in the spotlight.”

He also told TMZ that he’d like to apologize for his comments about Jennifer Lawrence‘s leaked nude photos from a separate Reddit thread, in which he said he liked them.

I guess now he understands what it’s like to lose your privacy.

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